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Top Cheap Web Hosting Providers Offering $1 Deals & Coupons in 2024

When purchasing web hosting, everyone looks for coupons, cheap pricing, and deals to save money on online business expenses. Here, we have compiled a list of reliable web hosting providers who offer $1 web hosting coupons and deals. With these offers, you can grab your favorite web hosting for just $1 per month, along with tons of freebies and free domains.

Don’t let the term “Cheapest web hosting provider” mislead you. It doesn’t mean compromising on reliability or quality. We only include reputable companies offering exclusive promotions and offers that benefit users while boosting sales.

Do They Really Offer Web Hosting for $1 per Month?

Not all top web hosting providers offer $1/month web hosting discounts. However, some reputable companies do provide exclusive promotions, making it suitable for new bloggers, entry-level marketers, and websites with moderate traffic. It's essential to note that while initial prices may be low, renewal fees might be higher.

How Web Hosting Providers Offer Quality Hosting at $1

You might wonder how web hosting providers offering cheap prices make a profit. The truth is, they often earn more profit than others in the industry. While they may offer discounted prices initially, they recoup profits through standard pricing upon renewal. Purchasing longer-term plans can result in more significant discounts initially.

Cheap Web Hosting and Free Domain

Many hosting providers offer a free domain with hosting plans to attract customers. However, transferring the domain to another registrar in the first year might not be allowed by some providers. This strategy aims to retain customers for the long term.

Top Dollar 1 Cheap Web Hosting Providers for 2024

While these web hosting companies might not be the absolute cheapest in the industry, after applying their promotional coupons and promo codes, they become quite affordable. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  1. GoDaddy Hosting
    GoDaddy offers substantial discounts on its award-winning web hosting plans. With their coupons, you can get Linux web hosting for one website with unlimited bandwidth for just $1 per month, along with a free domain name of your choice.
    GoDaddy also provides excellent WordPress hosting for one website with 10 GB SSD disk space, 25,000 monthly visitors, and a free domain name, all for $1 per month.
    Their plans may not be the cheapest, but using current exclusive GoDaddy coupon codes, you can get them for $1 per month and a free domain for a year.

  1. 1&1 Smart Hosting
    1&1 Internet offers affordable domains and web hosting. With their current promotion, you can get 1&1 smart web hosting for $0.99 per month, including unlimited everything, 24/7 support, and a free domain name.
    Their basic plan allows hosting for one website for just $0.99/month for the first year, along with a free SSL wildcard certificate, higher RAM and CPU resources, and more.

  1. Namecheap Web Hosting
    Namecheap, known for domain registration, also offers heavy discounts on web hosting packages. For less than $12 per year, you can avail Namecheap web hosting with 20 GB SSD disk space, 3 domains allowed, unlimited parked domains, and more.
    The package includes a free website domain and WHOIS guard protection for your domain.


While there are many options for $1 web hosting, we've listed the best and most reliable providers you can trust. These providers offer free domains with a 1-year duration plan. Share your hosting experience and monthly prices in the comments below, and stay tuned with BloggingEclipse for more blogging tips and tricks.

By availing of these $1 web hosting offers, you can kickstart your online presence without breaking the bank.


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